Best Power Settings for Your Microwave Oven

It can be very confusing when using your microwave oven to cook meals, when the different power settings are mentioned in a recipe, do you know what they mean?

leading value microwave ovens under 100

When you follow recipes for cooking food in a microwave oven it can be very confusing as the recipe may refer to a power rating that is different to your own oven. So for example you are cooking using a 700 watt microwave oven and the recipe calls for a 800 watt power rating. A very broad way of converting between recipes is to add 15 second per minute for every 100 watts of power more than your oven, or when your recipe is for a less powerful oven you need to subtract 15 seconds for every minute described.

Whatever the recipe calls for it is important to check the food regularly, to ensure that you don’t either over or under cook your food. Also always include a period of standing time so that the cooking process can be completed evenly.

Microwaves have some interesting characteristics, microwaves are reflected from metal, with other materials the microwave will pass through, the microwaves are attracted to water.

It is this attraction of the microwaves to the water molecules in the food that creates the heat which then cooks the food. This is because the microwaves excite the water molecules making then move vigorously. The microwaves being safely contained within the metal casing of the microwave oven.

Even the leading Microwave ovens sub $100 in 2015 do not follow a standard formula. If the manufacturer of the oven describes their cooker as a 800 watt they are taking about the microwave ovens power output when used at full power. Generally the oven will cook faster the higher the wattage of the oven. There are some other factors that will effect the cooking speed, such as cooker cavity size.

What ever the wattage your microwave oven is at full power it will always be at 100%, therefore your full power setting will be described as high. When a recipe refers to medium and low the microwave oven is usually at 60% and 35% respectively.

Classic Rum Drinks to Try for Summer

Classic Rum Drinks to Try for Summer

Summer is just around the corner. This may mean spending time outdoors, near the pool, or with friends. But it also means it is time to for rum drink recipes. Rum is a high quality liquor that can be used in a number of very refreshing cocktails. It is no surprise that many of these rum drink cocktails are so popular in the summer due to their minty, fruity, and frozen base. So the next time you want a fruity, tall, frosty drink to sip, try one of these rum recipes.


The mojito is a rum drink that takes quite a few ingredients, but don’t be intimidated. Gather about 6 mint leaves, the juice of one lime, club soda, sugar, and rum. You will also need a highball glass and a muddler. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar to the glass, along with the mint, and some club soda. Muddle well, until all sugar is gone. Add the lime juice. Also add one half of the juiced lime into the glass. Add 2 ounces of rum. Stir well. Top-off the glass with ice and more club soda. You now have the perfect rum drink!


Compared to the mojito, the daiquiri is such a very simple recipe. All you need is rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. The most complicated part of this drink may be making the simple syrup. Simple syrup is just sugar dissolved in hot water, then chilled again. You will also need a cocktail shaker, and a chilled cocktail glass. Put 1.5 ounces of rum into the cocktail shaker. Then, add .75 ounces of lime juice. Next, put in .25 ounces of simpler syrup. Give it a shake. Then, strain it into the glass. You are all done!

Pina Colada

Want a frozen rum drink? Then try the Pina colada. You will need 2 ounces of white rum, an ounce of heavy cream, 2 cups ice, 1.5 ounces coconut cream, 6 ounces pineapple juice, a maraschino cherry, and pineapple wedge. Get your blender and a hurricane glass ready. Add everything but the cherry and pineapple wedge to a blender. Blend until smooth. Put into your glass. Add the cherry and pineapple wedge as garnish. The Pina Colada might just be the ultimate summer drink on very hot days. Just keep in mind that it is very sweet and strong.

Not Just for Summer Anymore: Great Year-Round Rum Drinks

Not Just for Summer Anymore: Great Year-Round Rum Drinks

A great rum drink is right at home during the summer. But did you know that there are lots of rum drink recipes that can be made all year round? Here, we will talk about new rum recipes that can be made anytime of the year. From drinks to warm you up, to new twists on modern classics, we will talk about something that everyone will like. So grab your bottle and let’s get to mixing!

Using Rum in Hot Drinks

Many associate rum drink recipes with frozen or chilled drinks. This is true for recipes like the mojito, hurricane, Pina colada, and daiquiri. But you can find lots of hot rum recipes. Try using rum in warmed punches around the holidays. It also goes really well in mulled cider drinks. Hot buttered rum is yet another classic option. Others have found that they have a taste for a hot toddy made with rum, not bourbon or other liquors. These hot toddies are not made with tea, but, instead, just spiced rum, nutmeg (or another spice) and hot water. It’s a simple drink that can really soothe.

Substituting Rum in Other Drinks

Sure, you can always have the classic cocktails that you love. But why not try something a little bit different? Spiced or light rum can often be used in place of other liquors in classic cocktails. Did you know that you can find a wide variety of rum recipes where this has been done? Options include the rum cosmopolitan, the rum old fashioned, the rum sour, or the aged rum sidecar. Or, how about rum in eggnog around the holidays? While many of these rum drink recipes harken back to another time, they are still simply delicious.

Mixologist Rum Drink Recipes

Want something that you have never heard of or drank before? Mixologists are constantly engineering new drinks. Many of these rum drink recipes, unlike those of yesteryear, are designed to highlight the flavor of particular liquors. The same can be said of modern rum drink recipes. For these recipes, look on the webpages of bars, or other mixed drink guides. From new hot drinks, to classics with a twist, or just new frozen rum drink recipes, mixologists have recently created new recipes for them all. Each year, more and more of these recipes are being premiered at bars around the world.